Simultaneous Case Feeder and Bullet Feeder for Reloading Ammunition


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Official info: WO 2012152968 A1. US20130152771.
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Description of the device:

This innovative project has been managed and coordinated by the inventor himself, Víctor Javier Coma, Higher Technician in precision manufacture. This is the first project that he has shown so far, although at the present moment Víctor is developing three more investigation and development projects: one of them is intended for the ammunition reload sector; the other one is meant for the Security Forces and Corps, such as the police or the army; and the third project is intended for the automobile industry. We hope we will be able to present these projects within a short time and that they are very well received. Let us describe briefly the essence of this project. Every fond of firearms who practice target shooting consume a very high level of ammunition, being this relatively expensive. There is an obligatory practice for this collective of persons, lovers of firearms: it is the discipline of the ammunition reload, which is nothing but to reuse the spent or fired ammunition, specifically the part of the ammunition cartridge called case. This is a practice spread all over the world, which has an increasing market expansion as it offers very important advantages for shooters who practice it, e.g., marking down costs in ammunition and manufacturing ammunition with ballistic parameters adapted to their firearms and their needs. Plus, it is a practice in which the machines and tools used are the same, regardless of the country or place where it takes place, and this is a very homogeneous market within the firearms sector. Before going into further detail, we are going to describe the components of a cartridge:

  • CASE: it has a golden color, and it is what we see that falls off when the gun is fired. This is the only element that can be reused. The rest of the components of a cartridge, once the weapon is fired, wear out or become unserviceable.
  • PRIMER OR INITIATOR: this element is inside the rim of the case and it is used to detonate the internal charge of gunpowder that is contained in the case. This element is responsible for the detonation of the gunpowder which is inside the case.
  • GUNPOWDER: it is the element which causes the internal explosion inside the case. Thanks to that explosion, the projectile is propelled through the interior of the barrel.
  • PROJECTILE: it is the element which is propelled through the interior of the firearm and impacts on the target.

In summary: the case, the primer, the gunpowder and the projectile are the four components that form a cartridge.

When reloading the ammunition, what we basically do is replacing the components or substituting them, always using the case which has already been used, by means of a machine called reloading press; there are plenty of brand names and models. Its function is to assemble the different components of the cartridge once it is been used or fired, through mechanical elements and adding the components (primer, gunpowder and projectile), and using a measurement and a shape which are appropriated for the needs of the shooter. Therefore, the ammunition reload has a great advantage, this is, the person who reloads can give to their own ammunition totally personalized ballistic parameters, among others, these could be the following ones: minor gun recoil, higher speed of projectiles, higher or lower weight of projectiles, type of projectile, etc. This is one of the reasons why an increasing number of shooters worldwide practice the ammunition reload. It is important to say that, at competition levels, this practice is obligatory.
Apart from the reloading press, shooters must spend more in order to practice such discipline: it is the acquisition of projectile feeders and case feeders which are, in summary, accessories that are placed into the reloading press, so that these provide both components to the press, in a concrete shape and position. This way then, inside the aforesaid press, this one can assemble the cartridge correctly. Otherwise, the press will not be able to carry out its function or will do it incorrectly.
Although it is possible to feed the reloading press manually, this is, placing the projectiles and the cases manually (using hands), this is a practice which is decreasingly used. In fact, the market trends for the next years are the automation of the reloading presses as much as possible. This way, the practice of ammunition reload will be as much automated and comfortable as possible for shooters. Regarding the costs, the minimum international cost of a case feeder is around $218 and the cost of a projectile feeder is approximately $372, so the total investment of both feeders is around $590 – taking into account a low price -. Because of everything aforementioned, this innovative device is a simultaneous projectile and case feeder. This means that this device carries out both functions in a single product; therefore the production costs are considerably reduced. As a result, these ones have an effect on the final price and the shooter will spend much less on its feeder equipment, as the price of our device will be much lower than $590. These are the main advantages of our product:

  • It is a manufactured product that carries out the two most in demand feeding functions in the reloading market (both projectile feeding and case feeding), and it saves manufacturing costs, simplifies marketing costs and offers a product with a cheaper final price and consequently, the shooter who reloads can save money.
  • It is a product that saves energy; the traditional feeders have two engines, one for each feeder. Our product has one single engine; therefore you can save energy, as only one engine must be fed to be able to carry out both functions.
  • It is an innovative product, easy to install and handle, which offers multiple uses to shooters; it is not only a simultaneous projectile and case feeder, it can be configured in diverse working ways, which include different tasks in the ammunition reload market sector.
  • It is a protected product with a patent in Spain and in the United States, therefore it has marketing advantages in relation to third companies or third parties, and the US is the main country regarding the demand of this type of products. The fact of having been granted the patent makes it have numerous advantages in the entrepreneurial sector.
  • It is a product that will change the projectile and case feeding market, in the ammunition reload sector, mainly due to the manufacturing costs and the final price for shooters, a price that will be, without a doubt, a very attractive price in relation to other traditional existent products.
  • It is a product backed up by market studies in different countries, carried out by experts in the field.

Nowadays, given the advanced level of development of this project, we bore in mind and now we bear in mind too, the possibility of undertaking various business operations, among which the following are noteworthy:

  • The possibility of an alliance with companies already settled in the ammunition reload market, in order to commercialize this product on a massive scale. With this option, the resources of the company concerned would be used, such as means of manufacture, marketing, distribution and commercialization channels, to make this product reach every possible shooter, using a platform and an already known trademark. With this option the company concerned would enjoy benefits, such as a wider business expansion, trademark recognition through new and innovative products, like this one. In short, this could be a good opportunity for the company concerned to grow within this sector which is currently expanding.
  • The possibility of creating a company and/or trademark, with which being able to utilize this product privately. In the same way, also in the future more products could be introduced for the same sector – this is actually the aim of this project manager -. This creation can be carried out with the financial contribution of the inventor himself and his work team – by getting credit lines and finance lines for entrepreneurs – or through capital contributions from an investor interested in this project, with which they have a considerable profit margin and a relatively fast return of the invested capital – about three or four years -. In addition, it is important to know that the investment to launch this product to the market on a massive scale is not very high – less than $100,000 – for international trade.

Besides, as an advantage in relation to a potential investor for this project is that the project manager himself, Victor, is at the present moment developing other types of products for the same sector, with previous market studies, all of them patented. Therefore, an investor, apart from boosting the current product, could have the possibility to invest in other innovative and patented products, with really interesting market place possibilities. Another possible option is selling or renting the exploitation rights of the patent to any person, company or trademark, in order to exploit the product. In such case, the project manager and patent holder will sign a contract through lawyers who are experts in international laws of industrial property, for the correct assignment and protection of rights for both parties. The final conclusion, according to market studies and critics from experts in reload, make this product very interesting both for companies or investors, as well as for shooters who practice the ammunition reload; therefore this is a project for a sector which is increasingly expanding worldwide. For further information about patents, we recommend to consult with experts in the field, as this project has two international patents granted in that regard, in which it is possible to see the terms of these patents in more detail. See the following patent numbers: SPAIN: ES2415763 (A1) / ES2370861 (B1); USA: U.S. Patent No. 8,820,206 B2. We hope that this project is interesting for both business and commercial sector and, in any case, for shooters who practice the beautiful discipline of ammunition reload. For more information, questions, preorders of the future product or subscription for news, you can visit our official website:, subscribe to our newsletter or send an email to VJPATENTS@GMAIL.COM. Certainly, this project will not be the last one that Victor Javier Coma will present and we hope that you will be satisfied. We will gradually keep everybody informed of the decisions made by the work team. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter in our website,