Welcome to WWW.VJPATENTS.COM. On this website, you can see the different projects of investigation and development, managed and developed by the Higher Technician and entrepreneur, Victor Javier Coma, and his work team.

With this website we seek to show a variety of projects for different business sectors, by providing descriptive information, numbers of patent registrations, videos and any other information of interest, so that companies, investors and potential clients are able to see the most attractive advantages of the different devices that we have developed.

Our first objective is to create innovative products. Our main policy is to support the innovation applied to every entrepreneurial field. Thanks to the investigation and development, it is possible to create more advanced and useful products that help companies to expand, which are, and will always be, a source of progress and social wealth.

We hope that our projects are interesting for all of you. If you want more information about any project or about the products manager, Victor Javier Coma, you can contact us by email: VJPATENTS@GMAIL.COM, subscribe to our newsletter or visit our different social networks.